Plumber Service Call

The Typical Steps of any Plumber Service Call

Once you have contacted your local plumbing service to come out to your house to do a service call it’s not going to be like they will just show up and go to work. There is an order to the process that follows professional protocol. These are trained professionals who have a set way of doing things in a professional manner. Here is how a typical plumber service call will go.

  • Greeting – the first step of any plumber service call by a reputable company will be the courtesy knock and greeting. At this time the plumber will want to know more about what the problem is and where the problem is located.
  • Inspection – The next step for the plumbing technician is to determine exactly what the problem is and the cause by doing a visual inspection. They will determine not only these other two variables but also mentally make a game plan as to how they will go about fixing the problem.

    plumber service call

  • Estimate – After deciding a course of action on how to fix the problem the technician will next figure out how many labor hours it will take to do the repair and the cost of the supplies to be used (this may be done by the technician themselves or discussed over the phone with a supervisor). They will then write up the estimate and present it to you for approval. Most likely they will explain anything in detail that you do not understand as they go over the estimate with you.

  • Decide How to Proceed – Once you have approved the estimate either one of two things will take place; either the plumber will have to leave and come back with the necessary supplies at another time or they will have what they need on the truck to do what is necessary to complete the plumber service call.
  • Work in Progress – If it was decided by the plumber that they had the necessary parts to do the job they will start working on the repair. Keep in mind that an estimate is just that and if the technician runs into something that is unforeseen and unusual, you may get an extra charge for that; usually they are highly trained professionals that very seldom run into those situations. They will do what is necessary to get the work done right and get you some relief from the plumbing problem that is impacting your life.
  • Wrap-up – once the job is finished they will inspect and test the repair if possible. Most professionals will also do a thorough cleanup of the working area at this time too. Once they have everything put away they will then present you with a bill; COD payment is a great reward for their hard work unless you have made other credit arrangements.

This is all done in a professional and courteous way while treating you with the utmost respect and informing you as to what is going on during the whole plumber service call.