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For someone like me who has been working in the HVAC field, an industry mostly dominated by males, for over five years, I am a first-hand witness to the struggles of homeowners about their home heating and plumbing. The thing is that they also feel a bit embarrassed to share all their concerns to the HVAC technicians or plumbers who come over to fix what needs fixing. But they feel more at ease to sharing their concerns with me, a female who walks the talk like any other HVAC professional out there.

This warm reception enabled me to find out more about their heating and plumbing systems, and their practices that ultimately led to the service call. I was moved by the trust and confidence many of them has given me, which is why this blog is born.

This blog will feature many heating and plumbing issues experienced by all in real life, which I am sure that many of you can relate to. Moreover, I’ll be posting plenty of helpful contents that will make you more at ease in dealing with your home heating and plumbing. And with my feminine touch, these contents will surely be entertaining as well as informative.

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